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Creating Your CharacterEdit

  •  Choose a race from the Alliance or Horde.
  • Choose a class that your race can have.
  • Customize your character.
  • come up with a name,(or do random) type it, and click "enter world".

Moving and fightingEdit

  • Right click and keep it down, and press w (forward), a (left), s (backward), d (right) to move.You dont have to press all of them, ya know.
  • Left-right click (either one, right or left, will work) a creature. if A circle under them and the name above them are green, then you cant attack. if they are red, then you can attack.
  • First of all, you need to be close. he will attack when right next to him/her, behind, or in front. if you look on the bar att the bottom of the screens left, then you see powers. hes using 1, do use 2 if you have enough (2nd bar).
  • Looting: right click on the sparkling dead thing's corpse. then a list of things in him should come up. right click all of them.
  • If you have any Problems with these listed things, tell me in the comments below.
  • Heres a way back to main page: Main Page

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